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Duffy Daugherty Football Building

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Located on the southeast corner of Shaw Lane and Chesnut Street, the Duffy Daugherty duffy1.jpg (35031 bytes) Football Building is the centralized base for Spartan Football and the duffy2.jpg (40305 bytes) athletic training program at MSU.  The athletic training room occupies nearly 5,000 square feet in the area most recently housing the old weight room. Three staff offices, a special pad fabrication/orthotic lab, a conference room, a hydrotherapy room, rehabilitation and taping areas, three physician examination rooms, and a treatment area all create the modern, efficient health care facility. 

duffyswimx.jpg (27516 bytes)duffywtroom1.jpg (46544 bytes)The Duffy Daugherty athletic training room features a new SwimEx, which can be used for continuation of rehabilitation without placing too much stress on the injured joints or musculature. Renovations to the Duffy Daugherty Football Complex were completed in the Fall of 1997 at a cost of $5 million. In addition to the spacious athletic training room, the building also boasts nearly 9,000 square feet for the weight room, an indoor practice facility, and duffyindoor1.jpg (26098 bytes) 31,000 squareduffywtroom2.jpg (42521 bytes) feet  in the Clara Bell Smith Student-Athlete Academic Center opened for use by all MSU varsity athletes in May of 1998.  The academic center, located at the northeast corner of the Duffy Football Building, contains an auditorium, study rooms, computer center, and a career center.