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Jenison2.JPG (62703 bytes)Located on the north side of Kalamazoo Street, the Jenison Fieldhouse athletic training room is the busiest on campus with 17 different Jenison1.JPG (65839 bytes)sports  utilizing the facility for their in- and out-of-season medical needs.  The Jenison Fieldhouse athletic training room features office space,  Jenison3.JPG (57236 bytes)a hydrotherapy room, rehabilitation, treatment, private treatment and physician examination areas. Competing in the Jenison Fieldhouse are the Jenison4.JPG (64439 bytes)MSU Men's and Women's Indoor Track, Men's and Women's Gymnastics, Volleyball, and Wrestling teams.  The Jenison Jenison5.JPG (70070 bytes)athletic training room was renovated along with all of the other varsity locker rooms in 2002.